5 Ways to Recover After the Holidays

Nov 01, 2018

Well Halloween has come and gone, can you believe it?  Most of us start buying candy and stocking up well before Halloween night.  Which means we either have been fighting the urge to eat candy while staring at it… or indulging in a piece here and there throughout the day.  Or maybe you bought your favorite childhood candy and you have been indulging more than just a piece here and there?  Guilt trip aside – then we head to work, or trunk-or-treats where the candy is just flowing from everywhere and all the sudden we are wondering, what the hell happened to our self-control?  I can’t stop thinking about the deliciously sugary treats, let alone stop eating them!  And I think we all might be guilty to some degree!

You are not alone, and it is time for all of us to clean it up and clear out the candy.  Halloween is a small preview to the holiday treats ahead.  If we continue down this path, Thanksgiving and Christmas will creep up and claim our indulgences again!  Then we head into 2019 feeling the need to set some BIG New Year’s resolution goals to drop the 15 pounds we gained during the holidays, plus the extra 15 pounds we were trying to lose before the holidays even started!  Not good for our self-esteem going into a new year!  

Now, let’s dive into the good stuff!

  1. Clean out your cupboards and snack drawers, then get re-organized
    • Yep that’s right! Any left-over candy and sugary treats you have been buying over the last couple weeks, time donate them or toss them!  But remember, if you donate them to your workplace, you aren’t helping those around you!  Get to the grocery store and buy some fruit that contains natural sugar to replace those processed treats (there is a reason why they are so damn addicting!) 
    • “But, it’s the kids’ candy!” – should your kiddos really be consuming that much candy over a long period of time? Probably not.  Let them pick out their favorite candy and fill a snack size baggie with their name on it and donate or toss the rest.  When children have healthy role models, they are less likely to grow up with sugar addictions and battle their weight as adults.
  2. Drink a minimum ½ your body weight in ounces of water per day (e.g., 150 lbs = 75 oz). Add doTERRA lemon or grapefruit essential oil to the mix
    • Cleansing and supporting the liver and digestive system are vital to reducing sugar cravings. Every time you are feeling a craving coming on reach for your water.  It might be hard for the first week, but after that you will be able to walk by that candy dish at work and not even think about it.  Make your cells happy and give them water!
  3. Eat a balanced portion of protein, carbohydrates and fat at every meal
    • Balancing blood sugars reduces cravings dramatically. When the blood sugar goes up and down throughout the day we instinctively reach for the sugar and caffeine.  Carbs and fats are essential for satiation and energy while protein keeps you fuller for long periods of time.  Eating these macronutrients together you will feel full, satisfied and have better energy without processed sugars and caffeine. 
    • Eat every couple hours throughout the day to maintain those healthy blood sugars and reduce hunger at night. The more you can avoid eating close to bedtime, the better you’ll feel as well.
  4. After dinner switch up your routine. Make a hot cup of tea with raw honey to help curb the craving
    • If you are used to grabbing a bag of M&Ms while sitting on the couch catching up on your favorite TV show after dinner, change the routine! Instead of sitting on the couch right after dinner, take the dog for a walk, read a book or make yourself a hot cup of tea.

P.S. You can’t reach for something you don’t have around.  Get rid of those M&Ms 😉

  1. Get 7-8 hours of sleep
    • When your body gets the proper amount of sleep each night you will function as a human being is intended to. Meaning you are more inclined to be in tune to listen to your body, think better, and make decisions that better influence your health.
    • Turn off the bright lights 1 hour before bed, turn down the blue light on your screens, and reduce the time spent in front of the TV or on your phone in the 30 minutes before bed. Turn on your diffuser with your favorite relaxing essential oils (lavender, vetiver, cedarwood and juniper berry are my night time favs) and give your body 30 minutes to destress (e.g., stretching, good conversation with spouse, meditation) before falling asleep.


You do not have to throw all your hard work and goals out the window as we head into the holidays and finish off the year. Use these 5 tips to stay on track this holiday season.  You got this!



- Stefanie







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