How Allergies to Antibiotics Affected my Health

Sep 06, 2018

As a child I grew up with a few health issues, one being major digestive issues.  I would have to be force fed antibiotics, primarily because I hated them and because they would make me vomit, give me rashes, cause me abdominal pain, and so forth.  Being so young I couldn't always communicate when something wasn't right but trying one medication after another my parents quickly learned that I was allergic to many types of antibiotics (as if I wasn't already being difficult enough with my health issues lol).  Penicillin, amoxicillin, erythromycin, ceftin, cefzil, anything that contained sulfa – you name it I was allergic to it.  You can imagine my Mom did everything she could to just keep me from getting severely sick so that we didn't have to deal with the repercussions of not being able to take certain antibiotics. 

The side effects of my allergies to medications were severe and made an impact on my life as an adult navigating my health.  I committed to taking care of my body through nutrition and fitness, and when I got sick I would take care of myself by staying hydrated and fueling my body with immune boosting foods and drinks.  It wasn't until about 3 years ago that I discovered doTERRA essential oils and what they could do for my health.  I considered myself to be a pretty healthy person at the time they were introduced to me, but it quickly showed me I still had room for my health to improve.  I started using the oils daily to protect my immune system, boost my cellular health, improve my productivity and to get rid of any questionable store bought "natural" cleaners, candles, air fresheners, etc.  

I can honestly say that since incorporating essential oils into my regimen over the last 2 years I have not once reached for an over the counter medicine when I get sick.  I no longer take antacids when I get an upset stomach or chemical-laden products to see results in my skin.  The list of alternatives goes on and on!  I am passionate about sharing these experiences with others because these oils have given me an answer to my health and vitality, and I never knew existed despite being a holistic health coach.  Adults and children are being prescribed medications without doctor’s taking a holistic health perspective to determine if diet, sleep, stress management or the patient’s environment could use a change first. Medications which may have side effects that can be damaging later in life and can lead to more health concerns that lead to more prescriptions (…and the cycle continues).  There are alternative solutions.  Essential oils are not the end all cure all, but they sure are a viable alternative.  Using essential oils comes with an overall lifestyle change, to be more cautious about what products you are around or placing on your skin, the quality of food you are feeding your body, the amount of water you drink, the amount of stress you are under, the amount of sleep you get, etc.  Essential oils are only a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to healing your body from the inside out.  Change can be daunting and scary, but if you get control over your health and your happiness with a more natural alternative, isn't that change worth it? 

I do believe that western medicine is necessary, but I also believe that for centuries human beings lived and survived off the Earth and what it had to offer in its raw form.  Do yourself a favor and stop speaking to the lie that constant doctor visits are standard, that there are no solutions to the health issues you are facing other then prescription meds, that natural remedies are for yogi's or hippie's, or it’s all too hard to learn and too expensive... I am here to tell you that it is a choice and you get to choose which path to take.  

P.S. Allergies to antibiotics are serious and should never be taken lightly.  Penicillin is one of the top drugs used to fight off infection, which is why I always wear or carry my medical ID.   I know if there is a time that I am unable to state all my allergies for myself, the ID is there to protect me and my well-being.  American Medical ID put together a useful guide on how a penicillin allergy bracelet or necklace can advocate for your own health or help protect someone you know.

XO - Stef

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