Goal Getta'

Sep 13, 2018


When we say the words "I CAN'T", what responses does our brain come up with?

  • I CAN’T have the body I desire = You will never achieve this, so why try?!
  • CAN’T eat that = Fuck it, I am a grown ass adult and I can eat whatever the hell I want! (Cue the pizza, fries and chocolate)
  • CAN’T run a mile = You are going to fail, might as well quit before you even start!
  • CAN’T meal prep = Eating out is more   It's not important to me, my health or my goals.


When we are in a constant state of saying "I can't", we miss out on opportunities before they even present themselves.  We put ourselves down before we even give ourselves permission to TRY, which is one of the most common mistakes I see amongst my clients.  You become what you believe.  Expectations without belief will leave you in a standstill, feeling frustrated, inadequate and defeated.  To succeed we must first believe that we...

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