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My name is Stefanie and I am a wife, sister, daughter, fur mom, adventurer, latte lover and Friends binge watcher.  I believe in treating your body with the utmost respect, care and love that it deserves; we only get one body to live in, so why not treat it as such? I believe in living a balanced, organic and toxin-free lifestyle.  I also enjoy getting out into the wilderness to break away from our fast-moving world, taking long naps, and sharing essential oils. 

Most days you can find me at a local coffee shop having an iced latte, at the gym getting my work out on, spending quality time with my friends and family, or on a softball field training young ladies to be strong, competitive and prideful in their sport. 

What really lights me up is helping women step into their confidence and realize what their body and mind is truly capable of.  As women, we tend to show up for everyone else except for ourselves.  We put our needs at the bottom of the priority list.  To serve others to our fullest, we must come from a place where health and happiness are balanced and aligned.  Life is about longevity and vitality, never short-term or temporary results like dropping some quick pounds for summer.  A measure of success isn't focused around the scale, instead it is how we think and feel about ourselves, what we feed our bodies, how much energy we have, and being able to have a cheat meal without feeling the guilt.  Small, purposeful and consistent actions are the foundation to living a high performance.  

So why not start changes now that will give you priceless results that will last a lifetime?  Let's not waste this opportunity to work together!  I've had my own share of challenges through my journey and I don't claim to have all the answers, but I am committed to sharing both my personal journey and professional expertise to help you learn and grow at your own pace. 

 Change starts with you and it starts right now!

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I am thrilled to support you and look forward to our journey ahead!


Stefanie Rodrigues 
B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science 
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach L2
ACE Certified Personal Trainer
doTERRA Welllness Advocate

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Along the way I will be sharing  tips, tricks, dropping  knowledge, mentoring, encouraging, you name it and I will be supplying it for you!  To start, I wanted to share my FREE guide on 5 Ways to Kill Your Cravings!  Cheers to the next step of committing to your best self!